Tips For Choosing the Right Rug for Your Flooring and Room

New flooring, whether you opt for a beautiful natural hardwood, a smooth tile, or durable laminate, needs the right rug for protection, warmth, and beauty. Before choosing a rug, read on to learn how to find the right size and material for your needs. Size Matters One of the biggest mistakes made by many rug shoppers is choosing the wrong size of rug. To avoid a rug that is too small to be useful or so large that it hides your beautiful new flooring, here are a few ground rules to follow: Read More 

The Benefits Of Upgrading Lighting In Your Home

The lighting in your home is very important. It can make the home turn from a dark a dismal place where you do not enjoy spending time to a place that is bright and exciting. Many homes, especially older homes, have old light fixtures that do not provide enough light. These homes may greatly benefit from upgraded lighting. Changing the light fixtures to recessed lighting can make a huge difference in the way the home looks and feels. Read More