How To Save Money On A Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom can be a great way to increase home value and appeal. If you plan on selling in the near future, this is a huge advantage. On top of this, a bathroom remodel can make your home feel more modern and with new advancements in plumbing, it can even make using your bathroom easier and more functional. However, a bathroom remodel can be expensive and you may be nervous to take the leap on the project. If this is the case, here are a few ideas on how to save money on a bathroom remodel:

Paint and Change the Accessories:

Instead of changing out the cabinets in the bathroom, consider painting the cabinets instead to a more appealing color. If you have old wooden cabinets, it can make your bathroom appear very out-of-date until you paint them a dark black color, or even white. This can change the appearance of your bathroom dramatically for much less. You can even change out the knobs of the cabinets to be more modern, as well. If needed, you can even change out the face of the cabinets if they have an out-of-date carved in design in the wood. 

Change the Shower Head:

If you have an old shower head that just won't ever seem to be clean no matter how much you scrub at it or a shower head that provides poor water flow, you don't have to change out the entire shower. Instead, you can just change out the shower head for a new and improved design. You will have better water flow and even more options to change the water flow setting. You can even install a shower head that is removable from the wall itself, which makes the shower more functional. 

Opt for a Shower Curtain:

Many homeowners appreciate the idea of a glass shower door, however, this can be an expensive option. Besides, glass shower doors have to constantly be cleaned of water spots in order to look appealing in the bathroom. A shower curtain is a much more affordable option, convenient, and even allows you to bring in a pop of color into your bathroom.

Frame the Mirror:

The mirror that you already have in your bathroom can instantly be changed with a new frame. You can either paint the frame that you currently have or you can replace it entirely. If you didn't have a frame before, then consider purchasing one instead of replacing the entire mirror altogether. A frame alone is much less expensive than buying a full frame with the mirror already attached. 

By knowing some ways to save money on a bathroom remodel, you can be sure that you end up with a bathroom design you love without having to break the bank.