Old Windows Update: 3 Ways Today’s Drapery Fabrics Help You Make A Fresh Start

If you're in the process of redecorating your windows, you'll find that fussy is out and simple is in. But that doesn't mean today's window décor is boring or bland. The fresh and colorful new drapery fabrics available for your custom window treatments are more refined and more exciting than you might imagine, in the following ways:

Prints are magnified for dramatic style.

Forget prissy, diminutive decorator prints or florals. Medallions, checks, and paisleys have all gone over sized, immediately transforming your room into a modern statement of style.

Whether you want curtains in a neutral monochrome or in more spicy colors, there are several options for window treatments in the big prints. Curtains may have an allover pattern, the over sized elements may only be printed on the top portion of the drapery panels, or drapes may be left a solid color with magnified elements used on the coordinating valance.

An alternative approach is to use a large print wallpaper on several walls and then contrast it with very plain white or solid colored curtain panels or window shades. These simple window treatments highlight the decorative walls while keeping the windows light and airy.

Fat stripes make updating rooms easy.

If you've got extra-tall windows, consider ordering drapes that feature bold, substantial horizontal stripes along the top third of the panels. These curtains are stunning yet don't overtake the room.

The horizontal orientation of the stripes can help to scale down a wall that seems too tall for the rest of the room. The stripes also add color and dimension to an otherwise drab space.

These new stripes are perfect for masculine rooms and for kids' bedrooms and playrooms. They mesh well with a variety of interior design styles so you can update your windows without the need to change fabrics on furniture or pillows.

Sustainable fabrics are easy to find.

For the homeowner who wants to be green, innovative modern drapery fabrics are the answer. Curtain fabrics are now made from sustainable fibers including bamboo, hemp, and recycled products. Some of these finished materials mimic elegant satin fabric, while others offer more nubby, earthy textures and colors.

Even if you choose more traditional fabrics for your window treatments, you can reduce your energy consumption by selecting drapery designs that help keep the heat or cool inside and the extreme weather outside. Many options are available for insulating and light-blocking drapes.

Consult with a local drapery and shade supplier, like the Shady Lady, to find the perfect fabrics for your own custom window makeovers. They'll show you all of the new designer fabrics that will transform your room easily and stylishly.